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Balance is a Juggling Act

How to Start a Mental Revolution For A Change In Thought

This book is right on time as we go through the 20th-century version of the global deluge with the ongoing pandemic.  Balance is a Juggling Act introduces you to mental wellbeing concepts and invites you to journal your way to a balanced state of mind.

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The world is intense right now, and we could all become somewhat imbalanced if we are not careful.​

The global health and economic crisis has
forced everyone to re-examine, realign, and
reset our thoughts and beliefs about the
the way we live, work and play to experience a
more congruent world. BALANCE IS A
is a 40-day how-to guide on starting a
personal mental revolution one thought at a time.

Presented in four phases: Awareness, Self
Observation, Self Encounter, and Conscious
Living, the reader is invited to enter their
own virtual Noah's ark and spend one day
with each of the forty grounding well-being
concepts that move the focus from a
problematic unknown environment to
creative solutions by shifting thoughts,
perspective and narrative for a more joyous
life experience.

This work is dedicated to each one of us as
we strive to ascertain personal and
communal balance in uncertain times by
regaining control over something that is
uniquely ours - our thoughts.

"Balance Is A Juggling Act offers the reader a comprehensive process to
transform daily living. Raiysa presents a thoughtful, empowering, and heart-centered process particularly valuable as we navigate a rapidly changing world." Darlene Green, Author In Service to Love Trilogy

ISBN: 9781098380458

Category: Self Help/Personal Growth/Happiness Publisher: Book Baby

Format: Discovering gravity, Inventing

Trim: 9.25 x 5.5 Price: $11.99

Author resides: Atlanta, GA

Publication date: November 11, 2021,

Available through: Amazon, B&N (all major retailers)


Raiysa Darlene Nazaire has been a seeker (and sharer) of truth her entire life. Her own personal truth was experienced through a myriad of sources, including Islam and Sufism, A Course in Miracles, Kabbalah, New Thought and Unity Consciousness, Mind Management, Secret Energy, and Intuitive Astrology. Raiysa uses this unique combination of consciousness to develop her personal modality of teaching well-being at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. Balance Is A Juggling Act is her second self-help book on mental well-being and exemplifies this intersection. This book is experiential, having been created from a personal need to manage both normal and traumatic life stressors, using spiritual concepts as a springboard for mental expansion.


Raiysa is a certified life coach, podcast host, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate Find out more about her at

What are people saying?

"I really like the book very easy to understand and because I AM a caregiver taking care of my 83-year-old mother the book helps me to keep track of my mental state I love the fact that it's like a workbook and you can evaluate your daily thoughts and the book provides the space where you can write and reflect on how you are feeling at that moment which is important to me!! great information that you can use on a daily basis to help stay balanced in the body and mind love the Book!!"

Amazon Customer

"At a time when most of us find ourselves experiencing constant uncertainty, stress, and an unbalanced life, Raiysa Darlene Nazaire’s "Balance is a Juggling Act” is a great place to start in providing us the mental break that will lift our spirits and feed our souls. An amazingly effective call to action arming us with self-exploration and awareness techniques that empower us to shift our attention from our imbalanced thoughts to balancing our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It's a "must-have" for us all."

Chandra R.


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