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Break Through Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Limiting beliefs are ones that restrict you from either: doing something new, reaching your highest potential and/or making sound choices. They inhibit you from living the life that you ultimately desire because they question your abilities. In this article, I’ll overview three of the biggest limiting beliefs:

1. I am not worthy or enough

2. I am a victim

3. I must …

These beliefs are often triggered by reminders of past trauma. While they limit your expansion now, they didn’t start that way. Your subconscious mind, in an attempt to protect you from recurrence of a painful situation, creates limiting beliefs. This “protection” can be experienced as procrastination, avoidance, conformism, overthinking, anxiety, or irrational fear. The more we resonate with these limiting beliefs, the more angst we experience in our lives.

1.     I am not worthy or enough

This limiting belief shows up as: I am not worthy of love, happiness, money, respect, attention, a good life or I’m not good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, or rich enough … all coming from a place of lack, which results in a lack of the subject of the belief.

2.     I am a victim

This limiting belief says:bad things happen to me; no one loves me; I am a failure. This self-limiting belief causes you to stay small, to not take risks, to stay trapped in a life you don’t desire because something or someone more powerful is holding you back. Your power has been relinquished to something or someone outside of you. The good news is, you can take it back.

3.     I must …

This limiting belief states: “I must conform to societal norms or get confirmation from others before doing something major, such as following your dream, marrying the one your love, or looking a certain way. I must puts you in a cage within a box. Here you are giving away your uniqueness for fear of being judged or criticized. You don’t need permission to take your energetic place in this world! Live your life your way.

The first step to breaking limited beliefs is changing what you believe about your self. As your limiting beliefs are realized and released you are free to expand into more success and happiness. You feel lighter because you have released mental weight.

Breakthrough these limiting beliefs by examining and questioning your thoughts. Put beliefs through three filters:

1. Is this my belief?

2. Is this belief true now?

3. Does this belief sustain, support or nurture me?

Even a temporary hold on a limiting belief opens up enough energy for one to get a glimpse of and explore outside the boundaries imposed by it and feel inspired. The filtering process helps you to identify imposter thoughts, re-frame and move forward.

1. IS THIS MY BELIEF. Often beliefs are assimilated as a familial or societal norm. Beliefs are also adopted from outside sources simply due to the level of repetition. None of these are personal beliefs. Personal beliefs result from experience.

2. IS THIS BELIEF TRUE NOW? So maybe an experience caused you to believe that you were not go enough. Ask yourself, is this still true now - or are you holding on to that belief due to fear of failure or rejection?

3. DOES THIS BELIEF SUSTAIN, SUPPORT OR NURTURE ME? Finally, for those beliefs that made it through the second stage of filtration, test to see if they serve to sustain, support or nurture you. If a belief makes you feel bad, it is doing none of the former. It would serve you to re-frame it to reflect the current reality.

Beliefs should serve you, rather than you serving them! Challenging your limiting beliefs will help to begin to challenge the perspective from which you see everything. Life becomes more enjoyable; and life experience spirals up as a result.

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