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Decide on Happiness

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Deciding on happiness means taming the voices in your head that tell you why you shouldn’t be happy. Instead, talk positively to yourself. You can be in an unhappy situation, while still deciding on inner happiness by holding a clear vision of the end game or cherishing precious moments. Go with your internal cheering system and ignore the self hate by focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t. Flip the script. And yes, this may be a moment to moment task!

If you are depending on the above formula for happiness, then be prepared for a lot of unhappiness in your life. The fairy tale we have been taught where things make us happy is revealed as a lie after the job, love or financial status of our dreams is achieved and happiness still eludes us. We find out that external objects and other people are only temporary bridges to happiness.

On the other hand, these four practices are tried and true conduits to happiness:

Four Simple Gateways to Happiness:

1. Make happiness a priority.

2. Eat foods that fuel an energized mind and body.

3. Do more of the things that make you feel alive.

4. Be fully present in your life.

We will never always be happy, yet like balancing a seesaw, we can always seek and move towards the mental state of happiness.

Fortunately, happiness is a skill that you can develop — and it’s an inalienable right!

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