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No Stigma. Your Mental Health is Your Wealth

Thoughts are produced from our mental being, our mind. They determine what actions we take, how we express ourselves, and interact with everyone with whom we come into contact. Yet interestingly, the topic of mental health is taboo. Think about it; our thoughts, something that are uniquely ours, that determine the quality of our life, are taboo for discussion in most circles. Taboo even for talking to yourself in self reflection and self discovery! To add to the irony of it all, in demographics where the challenges are most overwhelming, the topic of mental well-being bears the most stigma.

Currently, nearly 1 in 4 Americans suffer from poor mental health. That's up from 1 in 5 before this pandemic. The long-term mental health impact of isolation, prolonged wearing of masks, and desensitizing a global population is not even on the radar, because in survival mode we focus only on what appears before us. Still you don't hear much talk about a mental health epidemic that's impacting more people than any virus. Why is that?

Could it be mentally balanced people are able to make healthier decisions that supports rational, organized thought processes, balanced emotions, and actions that support expressing our unique and creative selves. Mentally balanced people are not easily influenced, docile or compliant. They don't spread fear, division and hate. Balanced people stand up for truth and a balanced world, which is highly undesired when population control and manipulation are the goal.

Reshaping the current negative connotation around mental health (which is really a fear of mental illness) allows us to reshape the cultural interactions of the world we live in. Mental health is the answer to societal ills. It creates the things we all want - balanced life experiences. Mental health is our true wealth. There is no more compelling time to strive for mental balance than now.


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