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This Revolution is Televised

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Society is vomiting up all its ills for EVERYONE to see, and it is not pretty: racism, medical disparity, economic disparity - blatant disrespect for humanity more harmful than any virus. Enough.

So how do we clean it up? How we live (value, work, learn, and interact) is all up for change. If we are going to burn down the old, let's have a plan of replacement. Let's respond, not react.

Still we won't be able to enact meaningful change, while thinking and doing business as usual. We need to change our thoughts and subsequently our actions. Changing our thoughts gets us out of the current life projectile, and shifts us to a path with higher potential. This shift, viewed without fear, is a vast field of potential from which all things emerge and evolve. Interestingly, it is the same shift that we avoid in the desire to be in control that limits life to a do-loop cycle of a different day, and same situations.

Have you noticed there are no clear leaders right now? This is because this time each of us has to step up for a balanced world. Nobody or institution is going to save us. That's our work now. We are our own saviors. Technology is our assistant. It has made information available for us to: be informed, proactively make our own decisions, and serve as a platform to create and share solutions.

It seems to be a tremendous task. Yet with anything big, we break it down and work on it piece by piece to show ourselves the end goal is achievable. The act of breaking down a huge task de-escalates stress. Once we see that we have small wins, we are mentally empowered to complete the more difficult task. Remember, difficult does not mean impossible.

We start at home, expand to community, and let loving change ripple.

It starts with self. It starts now, and you may want to televise it!

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