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You Already Are!

We go in search of self improvement and self help in the sincere effort to become our best self. Self help or improvement is material, making changes to a mental perception of self, an external thing or our physical form. Self improvement is generally done out of fear that we are not enough, or fear of missing out.

The truth is we are not missing anything. We already are. What we really desire is self alignment which automatically allows our highest expression of self - a balanced, loving and whole person.

Self alignment is about being yourself and realizing your magnificence. It’s living from that place where your thoughts, words and actions are in cohesion.

Misalignment has become our unnatural default. Misalignment takes precedence when our thoughts, words, and actions contradict each other. We say we want to eat well, yet we don’t feel like preparing a healthy meal. Or we think about quitting a non-self serving habit, yet we keep doing it anyway. We think we know truth based on what we have been taught, yet our educational system is based on control. When our belief, thoughts, words and actions are out of alignment it depletes our energy to be our best self. An internal battle continuously plays in the background, distracting and diluting our focus.

So how do you tune into what you already are? Turn down the volume of ego and turn up the volume of your inner being. We can do this through conscious breath work, meditations, quiet time in nature, and grounding.

When you look into a kaleidoscope you don’t say that any of the myriad forms and shapes need to be improved. You understand that each form is perfect as it is with all of its intricacy. Within the kaleidoscope are all potential forms, any alignment is possible. Some are dark. Some are light. Some have many facets. Some are very simple. We awe at the ones that are appealing. So it is with human form and perspective. There are a myriad of possible alignments of the perspective from which to experience life. Tune into the ones that are the most appealing. They reflect self alignment — the space from which self expansion is manifested.

Love yourself enough to keep shifting to find cohesion and alignment with your highest self, for your highest good.

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