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This book is right on time as we go through the 20th century version of global deluge with the ongoing pandemic.  Balance is a Juggling Act introduces you to mental wellbeing concepts and are invites you to journal your way to a balanced state of mind.


In these times, it can be difficult to keep healthy, balanced thoughts flowing smoothly. Yet similar to juggling, once you grasp some mental wellbeing concepts, mental balance becomes a skill that you can master.


As abnormal stressors come (such as the current global pandemic's tolls on life, fixed structure, and economics), we can still respond productively and fruitfully, and make contributions to our self and community. This means using mental wellbeing to stay deeply rooted in balance by swaying like a healthy tree during a storm. We are being called to shift, to reflect, re-frame, and re-prioritize.   Balance is a Juggling Act is a gateway to facilitate this shift.

Balance is a Juggling Act

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