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about me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I'm a certified wellbeing coach and mental health advocate.  Life experience has taught me that the simple act of focusing in on my personal reality is the key that opens the door to having a better life.  In today's society, we've been conditioned to focus on the external.  We watch reality TV and participate in social networking that tunes us into the emotions, feelings and experiences of celebrities or personalities.  Yet, if we gave at least the same amount of focus to our own lives, we would see the messages that our feelings and emotions have for us.

Tuning into another's feelings and emotions creates mirror empathetic emotions in our brain and body.  We actually align with these feelings causing our own energy to vibrate at the same level.  This is great when we are watching people accomplish phenomenal feats.  It opens the window of possibility for us to do the same. 

On the other hand, when we focus on another's pain, fear, or duplicity we also open the window of opportunity to experience the same in our lives. 

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