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Mother Nature for Balance

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Like a see-saw ride we go through the ups and downs of life. When the weight we bear gets so heavy that it imbalances life's proverbial see-saw downward, we quickly forget that the ride is supposed to be fun; and help may be needed to lift us up. The same is true if we are at an extreme high where our feet are left dangling in the air. Both places can appear really scary, leaving us feeling emotionally insecure. Through it all, two things are certain:

  1. There is something to be learned at every step on life’s journey.

  2. Nature is on standby with a rescue.

Life is meant to have ups and down. We are human beings living in a world of opposites. It's natural to go through moments of feeling unbalanced or stuck. Fortunately, nature gifts us with herbs that help to level our emotional see sawing and relieve distress.

Here are a few remedies:

Valerian root – reduces stress and anxiety as it is a sedative and relaxant

Rhodiola Rosea – normalizes brain function to help decrease stress, decreases irritability Kava Kava – calms the central nervous system

Passion Flower – reduces insomnia, anxiety, ADHD and nervousness

Licorice – has anti- depressive effects

Siberian Ginseng – increases energy and overall vitality, helps maintain emotional balance Wild Yam – manages nervousness and restlessness

Gotu Kola – alleviates depression, mental fatigue, stress and anxiety.

If conditions are severe, don’t simply self diagnose or medicate, talk to a wholistic doctor or therapist to be sure that treatment is right for your unique body type. Allow yourself to heal and grow through any experience, knowing that it is the natural order of all things to return to homeostasis or balance.

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