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Pain Undiscussed

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

When we think we are disempowered, disenfranchised, disrespected – dissed in any manner – we may unconsciously express this dissatisfaction through destructive behavior. This can happen when we don’t talk about the issues that cause the feeling of being dissed. Rather, we tend to talk about the symptoms or effects, which center around what another entity has done to us (parent, sibling, job, or other external entity). Why? The answer is simple; a disempowered person cannot bear the thought that they are in some way responsible for their condition. The choice is to abdicate responsibility by projecting and blaming others because shame and fear whisper that a dark secret cannot be uncloaked. We may believe the strong thing to do is to pretend all is well. Yet, the silence people think of as strength is an impediment to a balanced life. No one talks about this pain; yet when it goes undiscussed joy and balance are held hostage. Releasing the pain/past leads to healing. There is no shame in healing. See yourself in the situation as an empowered being, which opens the door to change. It takes power to change. On the flip side, there is no effort in blame. Can you imagine that the Universe is waiting for us to do something constructive to bring about that change so that it can flood us with loving support. We start by talking, self examining, questioning and re-learning to love our unique expression of being. We start choosing what makes us feel good; and realize that pain ultimately is a powerful signal that provides instruction on where we can heal.

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